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Why should you hire a pet photographer? 5 reasons to book today!

One of my clients recently sent me this message after I sent her the edited photos of her pet ducks:

“Thank you so much. The photos aren’t just ducks, they are memories that we can keep forever and thanks to you they are amazing quality. Thank you”

This is why I do what I do. Our pets are part of our lives and our families, and creating lasting memories of them is just as important as creating lasting memories with your parents, significant others, and kids. I have a collection of photographs that I took while I was learning photography of my first cat, Suzie. They aren’t the best quality as I was a beginner at the time, but they make me cry every time I look at them. Since she passed, these photos are all I have left of her and I am so thankful I took the time to take them and to print them. This way, I always have access to the wonderful memories I have of her and our life together.


5 reasons to book your professional pet photography session TODAY:

You might still be wondering why you should pay to have a professional photography session with your pet, you can take their photo on your phone, right? If you’ve clicked on this blog then you must be at least a little bit interested in having better quality photographs, so let me talk you through some of the main reasons why investing in a pet photographer is worth your while.

  1. Pets are part of the family! This is my number one reason! People have regular photo sessions for landmarks in their lives, or their children’s lives whether it is a yearly school picture, a graduation photo or a wedding portrait. Pets are a very important part of our lives too. We love them as much as the rest of the family and they deserve their milestones to be commemorated in the same way! Whether you want to capture those cute puppy times, celebrate a birthday, have a memorial shoot for an older animal, or just capture your pet as the happy and loving member of your family, a pet photo shoot is a great way of doing that!

  2. Pet’s lives are shorter than ours. As I mentioned, I learned photography by photographing my cat, and I cherish those photographs of her since she is no longer with me. I was still learning so there are plenty of pictures I wish I could have done differently, and having a professional session would have given me that opportunity. We have much longer with our children and partners than we do with our animals, and delaying a photo shoot might mean that you miss the opportunity.

  3. Camera/editing. It is true that digital photography is more accessible than ever, and these days everyone has a great camera on their phone, but pro equipment allows for faster shutter speeds to catch action without blur, and can withstand mud and rain better than your phone can! It is not just the camera that makes a pro though. A great camera is only half of the package, the photographer behind the camera is even more important as they will know how to utilize the equipment, lighting, background and subject to create a great shot. It’s not all about getting it right in camera, sometimes a photographer will shoot something knowing that they will edit it later. With pet photography for example, sometimes we will shoot a dog in a location with their lead on and owner visible in the shot, but the final image will be of the dog without the collar and lead and with the owner removed. This knowledge and skill is sometimes essential to getting that perfect image.

  4. Pro Quality Artwork. How often do you get prints made of the photographs you take on your phone? And when you do, are they not as sharp or colourful as you would like? As a professional photographer, I have access to some of the best print labs in the country who offer a higher standard of printing on a wide range of products. These products are printed with a higher quality of ink on specialist paper and are professionally mounted or bound with care and attention instead of coming off a production line. I work with my lab to make sure that the colours are perfect, you don’t lose any detail, and that each item is exactly as you imagined. I have selected my favourite products to offer and will personally check them over before delivery to ensure the highest standard so that you are not disappointed.

  5. You can be in the shot! Taking a selfie with your cat can be cute, but getting them to look at the camera without wriggling around or pulling a silly face can be frustrating! With a professional pet photographer you get to be in the image without having to worry about taking it as well. I can take care of finding the perfect location, taking the image and getting your pet to focus on the camera so all you have to do is smile!

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact with me now to have a conversation about the kind of images you want of your animals and book your shoot in today!

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