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Autumnal Pet Photography Shoots

Hi everyone! The weather is changing and the days are getting shorter which are sure signs that Autumn has arrived. This is my absolute favourite time of year! Not only is there Halloween and Bonfire night, everything looks so pretty in Autumn. The colours of the leaves are incredible and ever changing and the light is nowhere near as harsh as it is in the summer.

For me, this makes it the perfect time of year to book in a pet shoot! The only downside being the traditional british weather. A sunny autumn day makes for lovely backdrops, but you may not want your dog or horse to be photographed in rainy or drizzly conditions, especially if they get muddy! This is understandable, and where possible I will always reschedule your date to try to get the best weather we can.

Of course, if you don’t mind some muddy paws, I have no issue with shooting in light rain, I’ve invested in gear that will withstand it and I am used to it. So it really is up to you!

Below are some images I took last Autumn of lovely Reggie, who’s colouring really compliments the autumn leaves. Don’t you agree that he looks fabulous?

I am also super interested to hear any ideas for themed shoots. Do you want a halloween style shoot with lots of pumpkins everywhere? Let's make it happen!

After the clocks change on October 25th I am going to be unable to offer evening shoots as the light will be too dark, so I will only be offering morning and afternoon shoots with the latest shoot starting at about 2pm to account for the earlier sunset. I offer shoots on weekends as well as weekdays, so will be able to accommodate busy schedules. I am currently taking bookings up until Christmas so get in touch!

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