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4 creative ways to include yourself in your pet's photoshoot for camera-shy owners!

Are you worried about getting in front of the camera with your furry pal?

First of all, don’t be shy! These photographs are for you and to document the relationship you have with your animal. If that love shines through then that is what you will see when you look at them. However, I want you to truly love your images and if you are really camera shy then I have some wonderful ways to incorporate you into the final image without making you the focus of the image.

1. Hands

I’ll get you to make a fuss of your animal by petting, stroking, or tickling them as you would normally, and then I will compose your image to only include your pet and your hands. You’ll get some lovely photographs of you and your animal interacting lovingly without having to show all of you in the picture.

2. Legs

I take my images from the eye level of the animal, so if you have a dog or a cat, simply stand next to them while they are lying or sitting down and include your legs in their portrait. It couldn't be easier!

3. Blur

With my range of professional lenses I can achieve something which is called a shallow depth of field. This means that the area of the photograph which is in focus is really small. Something I really enjoy creating is portraits where the focus is all on the animal.

4. Hold them!

This is my favourite tip, and can actually incoperate all of the other tips in one image depending on the position we shoot. Whether you're picking up your cat or dog for a cuddle, holding a smaller animal in your hands or sitting them in your lap, your animal will be relaxed and it will make for a great photo!

These are just some of the ways I can incorperate you into your pet's photoshoot. I am always open to any ideas that you might have to help you achieve your vision and images that you will love for a lifetime. If you want a photoshoot with you and your pet then get in touch today!

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