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Charity Work


In 2017 I began volunteering with Redwings Horse Sacntuary. I photograph the gorgeous horses, ponies and donkeys in their care for use on their social media, website, and publications. 

I regularly attend the birthday parties they hold for their adoption stars to photograph them - but also to celebrate!

The images of horses from my portfolio are all taken at Redwings Ada Cole sanctuary. For more images, please take a look at the gallery to the right from various birthday parties and visits, and please consider supporting Redwings or visiting one of their wonderful sanctuaries. 

Blind Dog Rescue UK

In 2019 I began volunteering for BDRUK as well. I had a wonderful session with one of the dogs currently in their foster care - Bert. You can see a selection of photographs from this session in the gallery to the left. 

Find out more about Blind Dog Rescue UK here


I am a member of the Hearts Speak orgaisation which is a non-profit that unites "art and advocacy to increase the visibility of shelter animals".  If you work for an animal sanctuary or charity and want more information regarding volunteer work please contact me.

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